About us

Said Company is a creative house that specialises in developing unique visual content for social media, print, web and editorial spaces. 

Founded by lead creatives Gareth Lewis and Les Hallack, our core services concentrate on the generation of ideas, visual strategy, photography and brand development. We take pride in generating fantastic customer responses for our clients by focusing on their target audience and creating engaging and emotive content.

We'd love to help you grow your business by telling your brand story in a way that engages your ideal audience. By implementing a multi-channel response, your perfect customers will catch and embrace your message and we'll keep them engaged by rolling-out themed content that works to reinforce your brand ideals.

Drop us a line, and let's start working towards building your brand.

Our Team

As great as they are, Said Co’s directors Gareth and Les can’t do it all. They work with a 'Dream Team' of outstanding industry professionals with a passion for developing fantastic creative. Each has been hand picked for their unique skill set and excellence in their field. Copywriters, marketing strategists, web developers, social media experts, stylists, make-up artists, helicopter and drone pilots, cinematographers, designers and printers all working harmoniously to achieve a common goal, and produce stunning results for their clients.

Our Approach

Starting with your business problem and the market context, we analyse the competition and gain insights into understanding your customers and their behaviour, and discover what will motivate them to engage.

Our strategy is to then develop engaging creative content by providing a sound platform for a multi-channel response. The visuals, creative, technology or UX solution is conceived and designed to bring together your brand and your customers, for an experience that is constantly evolving through regular measurement and testing.

And the result? Profitable business outcomes and a highly engaged audience. We understand that the marketplace has changed from billboards and brightly coloured shop-front windows, to a small, shiny rectangle in the palm of your hand. So we pride ourselves on developing the creative solutions that cater to your customers and audience wherever they may be.